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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Episode 31 - Spreading Holiday Fear

In which Vic and Matt find themselves on the Naughty List!

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Life never seems to slow down, but that doesn't mean that the terrible twosome has forgotten the horror in the holiday season! Tune in for a discussion of the resurgence of horror TV and the mainstream media release of Krampus.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Episode 30 - Halloween approaches! Behind the Mask & Pumpkinhead!

In which Vic and Matt get into the deadlier side of pumpkin spice.

Tune in as the devilish duo speak to the virtues of Pumpkinhead and the magnificence of the under-appreciated Leslie Vernon: Rise of the Mask.


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Monday, September 21, 2015

Episode 29 - The First of Fall, the Season of the Warlock!

In which Vic and Matt discuss the finer things of Autumn - namely fantastic death scenes.

Tune in for our Fall kick-off, where discussing the Warlock franchise just felt right! 

start off with more recent and local news regarding the Rose City Comic Con and the awesome Q&A with Robert Englund before diving into a discussion of Warlock and Warlock: The Armageddon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Episode 28 - Picking up where we left off; Roadtrips Gone Wrong

In which Matt and Vic try to catch a lift - and a break!

After our unfortunate, unplanned hiatus, we are back in action. Tune in for a discussion of Flashback Weekend, a fantastic convention in exotic Illinois, as well as a breakdown (ha!) of The Hitcher and The Battery. 

Special blog and podcast shout out to Blood & Gourd for the successful funding of their Kickstarter for Issue #2!

Also, check out 'Ween Dream! A charity that helps kids in need during the Halloween season - every kid deserves a kickass costume and the ability to eat a bit too much candy.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Episode 27 - Road Trips Gone Wrong

In which Vic and Matt fill the trunk with vacation gear...and body parts!

Join the devilish duo as they take a trip down south - discussing the original and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, Race with the Devil, and All Souls Day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Episode 26 - Destination Vacations Gone Wrong!

In which Vic and Matt embark on a deadly trip.

Kick back, relax, and tune in to a run down of Hostel 1 & 2, Turistas, and Hatchet - where dream vacations turn into nightmares!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Episode 25 - Phantasm, boy!

In which Matt and Vic discuss a particular Tall Man

Tune in as the devilish duo discuss the Phantasm series. From independent beginnings to cult classic following, the critiques of this series are flyin' faster than ice cream out of Reggie's truck!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Episode 24 - Madness, When Literature Attacks!

In which Vic and Matt fend off papercuts... and madness!

Join the devilish duo for the second episode in this two-part series for a discussion that spans from Kubrick's iconic The Shining to the Master's of Horror episode Valerie on the Stairs.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Vic's Vault: Oh, the Horror! – The pervasive nature of horror elements

I’m going to come right out and say it - Horror is the most dramatic and controversial of the entertainment genres. Storytelling that uses horror elements goes beyond provoking thought and inspiring emotion. It has the ability to shock, stun, and insult its audience. 

The best stories have at least a little horror in them. Many influential writers and directors had their beginnings in horror. Spielberg directed Duel, a made-for-TV horror flick in 1971, four years before he directed Jaws, the film that had all of America questioning whether or not they should swim in the ocean. Following Spielberg’s career, The Goonies and Gremlins all feature elements that have the capacity to keep kids up at night – and stay with them into adulthood. 

The Goonies's One-Eyed Willy - Giving kids the willies since 1985
From stories of childhood adventure to the brutality of war, Empire of the Sun tackles the darkness of man and untold psychological horror. The Indiana Jones trilogy, famous for misleading an entire nation into believing that archaeology is way sexier than it actually is, pits Indy against a slew of horrors – both good and evil. The Ark of the Covenant will melt your face off, the Sankara stones can deliver life or fiery destruction, and the Holy Grail grants eternal life – if you are wise enough to choose the right vessel. In each of these tales, great good and great evil are shown to be different faces of the same coin – all through horror elements; slavery, war, angry gods, cults, fascist dictators, and a decent amount of practical effects gore. 

The Ark of the Covenent -
"It is something that man was not meant to disturb."
Spielberg’s 1998 war drama, Saving Private Ryan won 5 Oscars and is by no means considered a horror movie. However, the protagonists are largely powerless in the face of all too human horrors, pushing the audience to think and feel, while being shocked and stunned. Spielberg is just one director of many (one that I am particularly fond of), if you take a look at any well-known director, I’m willing to bet that he/she took a swing at a full on horror feature at some point in their career.

Saving Private Ryan - The horror of War, in Technicolor!
A recent study revealed that watching horror movies actually burns calories – what other genre can boast of literally raising your heartbeat and pumping your adrenaline to the point that it may actually be considered exercise? When you sit back to enjoy some good horror, you’re actually buckling in for a ride that may take you places you definitely don’t want to go – but you’re trapped now and it’s guaranteed to clench the stomach and quicken the breath.

The success of a horror movie can be in its cheap shock value – sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll (that will undoubtedly go terribly wrong). Even in the “cheap” a horror movie can ask hard questions and ultimately bring the audience to wrestle with the more difficult aspects of their lives; betrayal, the too soon death of a loved one, assisted suicide, abortion, and the myriad of other horrors that are all too real. This is where the horror fan is eventually desensitized and actually empowered to feel as though they could take down any number of possible threats that may at any moment appear in their lives – “You never split the group up!”/ “Why is she hiding in such an obvious place?”/ “Kick him in the balls and RUN!”

Maybe pretending that one can be prepared for the worst helps us sleep at night. It might make all the difference when the proverbial devil pays a visit. As Palahniuk’s Fight Club discusses meaning and passion in life, so does horror. Undoubtedly, more bodies are going to pile up in the course of a horror movie – but it doesn't take away from the indomitable nature of the human spirit that is showcased in every film in the genre. 

In the end, it’s all just a matter of taste – how much horror are you willing to handle? How much horror do you actively enjoy? Many horror fans subscribe to the same mentality as the rough and tumble driver of the Porkchop Express. I don’t want to invite comparison, but, in the spirit of Jack Burton, "I can take it." 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Episode 23 - Books of Power, When Literature Attacks!

In which Matt and Vic consider the unfathomable!

In part one of a two part conversation, the devilish duo talk CthulhuconPDX. From Firbolg Publishing and K.M. Alexander's The Bell Forging Cycle we dive into the subject of Books of Power! Films discussed: Theatre Bizarre, The Ninth Gate, and Mercy. Special review at the end featuring Pumpkin Cinema and Blood & Gourd

For a bit more on CthulhuconPDX, check out these posts from Cat's Corner!
Our run in with Cthulhu himself
Vendor Room Romp
CthulhuconPDX Breakdown

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cat's Corner - Vendor Room Romp

There were a lot of local vendors and artists available for perusal and purchase at CthulhuconPDX. Everyone was selling fantastic products - and I walked away with far more than I was anticipating. 

The following list runs through all the vendors that attended the Con. The * * denote vendors that are in our video!

Beautiful beads from around the world! 
5036 N. Lombard
Portland, OR 97203 

Individual and collective work. For sale or commission as stated.

Independent publisher of bizarro fiction since 1999!

Firbolg Publishing believes that a company is more than just its products. We are a part of a community, and we believe in giving back to that community. Stop back soon to see how you can join us in giving back!

Welcome to Nerdopolis! Home to just about every kind of game you can imagine. Collectible card games, miniatures, LEGO, board games, card games, RPG’s, video games, kids’ games, party games, dice, paints, and thousands of gaming accessories!

Founded in 1999, Hippocampus Press specializes in classic horror and science fiction with an emphasis on the works of H. P. Lovecraft and other pulp writers of the 1920s and 1930s. Working closely with the leading scholars in the field we offer unique, high-quality, affordable editions of these important works.

 * K.M. Alexander *
A Pacific Northwest native and novelist living and working in Seattle with his wife and two dogs. He is an avid hiker, wannabe cyclist, and self-proclaimed beer snob. His work explores non-traditional settings within speculative fiction, bending and blending genres to create rich worlds and unique approachable characters.

When he’s not busy whispering to insects, trying his hand at taxidermy or watching weird Japanese monster movies Nick Gucker can be found hunched over his art table dreaming up disturbing nightmares and freakish delights.

Portland's only geek-themed, small-pastries creator!
On our menu, you will find unique pastries named for and inspired by movies, TV, comics, games and geek subcultures

Audio dramas out of Portland, OR - We seek to test the limits of a classic art form ... and then find ways to go beyond them.

I make glass jewelry and other delightful accoutrements! I'm a lampworker who uses borosilicate glass, melted in a torch, and sculpts it into all kinds of interesting wearables. This has been a passion of mine for almost a decade and is now my main artistic focus.

One of a kind, hand-made, tiny Spellbooks, Grimoires, and Necronomicons from a crafty mad artist in Portland, Oregon

Issue #1656 pages of gorgeous B&W and Color Comics by Rob Corless, Brandon Barrows, Shelby Denham, and Eric York! Short Story Fiction by both Lon Prater and Molly Tanzer! Articles, Columns, Reviews and so much more can be found waiting inside, including interviews with the HP Lovecraft Historical Society and (the musical) Dr. Hill himself, Jesse Merlin!

My work consists of Steampunk ray guns, respirators, odd gadgets, and masks as well as disturbing cryptozoological anomalies under glass. I'm also a Natural (and Unnatural) Science Illustrator and a Comic Book Artist working in pen and ink and watercolors. Mind your fingers.

My name is Tamera Mickelson and I’m a jewelry artist! I make creative, artistic, and distinctive jewelry and accessories.

Neo Victorian Shoppe for Men and Women inspired by Goth, Industrial and Steampunk located in Portland, OR. Our physical location is open Winter/Spring 2015 new hours 12pm-6pm Monday, Wednesday-Sunday, Closed Tuesdays by appointment only. 8315 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Monday, April 20, 2015

Episode 22 - Western Horror!

In which Vic and Matt drink some bourbon at the local watering hole (Matt's apartment).

With a sneak peak at Unfriended, the devilish duo move out West - with such films as Westworld, High Plains Drifter, The Burrowers, and more! This week's episode runs a little longer than most ending with a literary discussion on the works of Joe R. Lansdale.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Episode 21 - The Birth of Evil

In which Vic and Matt deliver a varied Easter basket.

Discussing The Brood and Master's of Horror episode "Pro-Life" directed by John Carpenter, Matt and Vic take a look at abortion and the birth of Evil in horror. Ever mindful of the season, episode 21 includes some tasty Easter tidbits!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Episode 20 - Creepy Dolls

In which Vic and Matt take some time to play.

Disconcerting in their own right, Creepy Dolls runs through Stuart Gordon's Dolls, Child's Play, and Annabelle. Tune in for some of the old and some of the new (with a bonus Anti-Warren rant from Matt!).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Come One, Come All - Northwest Horror Welcomes You!

First, we started podcasting.
Then, we got an account on Facebook
Just two weeks ago we finally joined Twitter.

And now, here we are - beginning a blog to hopefully pull it all together! So far, I've found Twitter to be the most useful in reaching out to the horror community, but sometimes 140 characters is simply not enough. Today I am working on getting our old episodes up on here. In order to maintain some chronology of our horrific journey, I will be backdating the episodes so you know what was recorded when! Future blog posts will be more up to date regarding new podcasts and random thoughts on all things horror.

In this first post, allow me to introduce ourselves:

Vic - A native Oregonian currently living in Portland and a self-proclaimed scavenger, Vic loves to find the quality in films that others might dismiss.

Matt - A native Oregonian currently living in Portland, Matt uses an academic lens regarding the horror community. He loves to analyze aspects of the horror genre in relation to larger themes both historical and current.

Cat - A native New Yorker currently living in Portland and a huge fan of the show, Cat helps out with promotion and attends horror events 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Episode 19 - Tales from the Crypt

In which bad puns abound.

From the late 1980s until the mid-1990s, Tales from the Crypt brought the Cryptkeeper into our homes - and his bad puns into our nightmares, Tune in to hear Vic and Matt's take on this boundary pushing show!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Episode 18 - Friday the 13th

In which the the unluckiest day arrived twice in a row.

Horror fans got a twofer with a Friday the 13th in both February and March of 2015. Join Matt and Vic in a discussion of the Jason franchise.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Episode 17 - My Bloody Valentine

In which Vic and Matt wax romantic (for the lady listeners O_o).

Bleh. Valentine's Day. My Bloody Valentine puts the best kind of red into the holiday! Discussing My Bloody Valentine (the original and the remake) as well as some love themes in the horror genre.