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About Us

The Northwest Horror Podcast is the product of a life long love of horror. Best friends, Victor and Matt, have long discussed the horror genre - and this podcast enables you to join in on the conversation!

First, we started podcasting.
Then, we got an account on Facebook
Then, we finally joined Twitter.

And now, here we are - working on a blog to hopefully pull it all together! 

Allow me to introduce ourselves:

Vic - A native Oregonian currently living in Portland and a self-proclaimed scavenger, Vic loves to find the quality in films that others might dismiss.

Matt - A native Oregonian currently living in Portland, Matt uses an academic lens regarding the horror community. He loves to analyze aspects of the horror genre in relation to larger themes both historical and current.

Cat - A native New Yorker currently living in Portland and a huge fan of the show, Cat helps out with promotion and attends horror events 

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