The Gory Good Bits

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Episode 20 - Creepy Dolls

In which Vic and Matt take some time to play.

Disconcerting in their own right, Creepy Dolls runs through Stuart Gordon's Dolls, Child's Play, and Annabelle. Tune in for some of the old and some of the new (with a bonus Anti-Warren rant from Matt!).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Come One, Come All - Northwest Horror Welcomes You!

First, we started podcasting.
Then, we got an account on Facebook
Just two weeks ago we finally joined Twitter.

And now, here we are - beginning a blog to hopefully pull it all together! So far, I've found Twitter to be the most useful in reaching out to the horror community, but sometimes 140 characters is simply not enough. Today I am working on getting our old episodes up on here. In order to maintain some chronology of our horrific journey, I will be backdating the episodes so you know what was recorded when! Future blog posts will be more up to date regarding new podcasts and random thoughts on all things horror.

In this first post, allow me to introduce ourselves:

Vic - A native Oregonian currently living in Portland and a self-proclaimed scavenger, Vic loves to find the quality in films that others might dismiss.

Matt - A native Oregonian currently living in Portland, Matt uses an academic lens regarding the horror community. He loves to analyze aspects of the horror genre in relation to larger themes both historical and current.

Cat - A native New Yorker currently living in Portland and a huge fan of the show, Cat helps out with promotion and attends horror events 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Episode 19 - Tales from the Crypt

In which bad puns abound.

From the late 1980s until the mid-1990s, Tales from the Crypt brought the Cryptkeeper into our homes - and his bad puns into our nightmares, Tune in to hear Vic and Matt's take on this boundary pushing show!